Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gigantt Alpha is Here

The Gigantt Alpha is here

It is by invitation only, and those that have requested an invitation will receive an email today with instruction on how to log in.
I highly recommend going through the What's New section of the tutorial (login required) to see what has changed. 

What does Alpha actually mean?

It means that it's a work in progress, and there may be bugs and prolonged periods of unavailability. I'll do my best to minimize them. But it's not that bad: Gigantt's servers are virtualized over Amazon's Cloud and use highly reliable storage. They're also backed up entirely every hour, so you can rest easy that data-loss is unlikely. In addition, all communication is encrypted and no passwords are stored (only hashes).

What's Missing
  • Still no time estimates and resource allocation. Coming soon.
  • Still no auto-save, so do Ctrl+S from time to time.
  • Still no collaboration, so only one person can edit a plan, and if you save from multiple browsers simultaneously you may overwrite your changes, so watch out.
  • Still no easy way to connect remote items. But this, too, will be added very soon.
Other than that, it's a dream for personal management. If you don't agree, there's a feedback button inside - use it.

What's next? 

I plan to release a minor version in a week or so that will address any issues found by alpha users. This release shall also include a crude implementation of time estimates and creating remote connections (i.e. between items not in the same container), just to make it a bit more usable for small teams.

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