Monday, October 4, 2010

Showcase 0.2

I think it'll be a good idea to post, from time to time, showcases of what I'm working on. At the moment I'm developing a demo, which is client-side only and read-only, to show how large graphs (work-plans) are going to look in Gigantt. I'm doing this not just for outside feedback but also for me, since the best way to design is to develop mock-ups and POCs. Keep in mind, these are tiny scraps of functionality, so please don't expect them to impress you in any way. :)

So, without further ado, here's showcase 0.2: a recursive flex control that can take any XML tree and render it by creating sub controls. So instead of scrolling and expanding the tree nodes, as you would in standard tree controls, you can just zoom in to see more and more details. The tree in the showcase is trivial - just a few nodes. Next, I'm going to work on something that can take any MS Project file and convert into the XML input format. Then I'll have more interesting trees to visualize.


Unknown said...

x2 per wheel tick is a sure road to dizziness :)

Winterrain said...

I like it.! Kick some ass.

Assaf said...

@vadim I think it's browser specific. only 1x on my Chrome.

OhadG said...

unfortunately, I can't zoom in.
I am using a laptop with no external mouse - I have only the designed scroll key built in.
The key works fine at other zoom in features like google maps.
May you please check out why it doesn't work in your application?


Assaf said...

@Ohad, it works fine for me on the laptop... I can zoom in with the scroll part of the mouse pad. What kind of scroll key do you have exactly? What laptop model is it?

OhadG said...

It's ThinkPad T61p. Using the default Virtual Scrolling at the TouchPad itself doesn't work either...
I am using the USB mouse instead, looks smooth.

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