Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Logo design contest for Gigantt

Help me find an awesome logo for my company by participating in the design contest. The prize is $223 and anyone can enter.

I did some mock-ups of the UI concept. I took the plot of Ocean's Eleven and created complete version of all the steps it takes to rob a casino in a "fractal" Gantt chart, which is going to be the basis of Gigantt.

(click image for bigger version)

This is a very crude and early sketch of the UI, so bare with me. But as I hope you can see, the idea is to take a very complex plan and by giving users a way to zoom-in infinitely they can drill down further and further into the details. 

For comparison, the same exact plan when plotted in MS Project looks like this:

You have to scroll 4 screens down and 2 aside in order to view the whole plan, unless you collapse and hide parts of it (and miss critical links). Just inputing it into Project took me 2 hours and editing it is nearly impossible. 

So, anyway, that's a sneak peek into what I'm working on. Many more fantastic features are planned on top of this ZUI.

Now go forward this to your designer friend who could win quite a few Shekels designing a logo that would capture all of the above.


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