Sunday, January 6, 2013


Exciting new features have landed today.

Colored Views

Two new views that show tasks in color based on the resources assigned to them.
In both Duration and Future view you can switch colors on/off.
Colors let you focus on who's doing the work inside each task, instead of seeing the sub-task structure.
In Duration view you get a "tree-map" visualization, where the size of each colored rectangle stands for how many work-days go into each task and its sub-tasks.
In Future view you see a timeline per resource within each task. This makes it a lot easier to identify blocked tasks, who's waiting for whom - that sort of thing.

The keyboard shortcuts are still the same. 
(1) Logical, (2) Duration, (3) Future, (4) Team
Hit 2 once to switch to duration view. Hit 2 again to turn color mode on, and again to turn it off.
Same with 3 (future view).

We've also beefed up the view selection drop-down. It's bigger and hopefully helps understand what each view is good for.

Customized Resource Colors

Naturally, since things are getting a lot more colorful, you can now customize your organization's resources and select the colors you like best.

New Icons

A small face-lift to our user interface to brighten things up.


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Fantastic job! Great features. I like the new toolbar.
Good luck guys.

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