Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Feature: Export Your Projects

Sadly, not every single person in the world uses Gigantt. Not yet. 
It's a travesty.
But don't despair, early adopter! You can now export your plans from Gigantt to a variety of popular file formats, which you can then share with your clients or co-workers who haven't yet jumped on board the Gigantt train.

Here are the export formats we currently support:

Microsoft Project (XML) - The ubiquitous project-management tool we all love to hate.

Excel (CSV) - Comma Separated Values. A simple textual format that can be opened by Excel or any text editor.

Image (PNG) - This is like printing your screen into an image that you can then attach to emails/PowerPoint/etc. You even get a chance to preview your plan and tweak it before saving it as an image file.
image preview

HTML - Gigantt will export your plan into a single, interactive HTML file in the shape of a task-tree. You can then view it in any browser.

JSON The "source" format Gigantt uses internally to save your projects. It's a very programmer-friendly text format. Software developers should find it easy to use for developing their own export formats.

DOT - This one is just for fun. It exports the "shape" of your plan so that it can be rendered as a DAG in GraphViz. This is a very technical format that only software developers find relevant.

These are the formats we're starting with. We plan to add more. Go ahead and try it out. If you'd like us to add support for any specific format please let us know.


OhadG said...

This is really cool.
I assume importing MSProject/Excel files into Gigantt plan is only a matter of time...?

Assaf said...


Dan said...

actually import would benefit Gigantt more than its users...

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