Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Waze's Next Killer Feature

This post is completely off-topic. It's not about project planning. It's about the best damn GPS navigation software out there today - Waze.

Waze is awesome because it uses information gathered from all its users' smart phones to learn where traffic is jammed and route drivers accordingly using the quickest route.

But there's one thing I always miss when using Waze - it doesn't tell me where I can park. Sure, adding a parking lot layer over the map is sort of a solution. Many competing products do this. But in some places [cough]Tel Aviv![/cough] this is simply not enough because there are waaay too few parking lots.

So here's what Waze's next killer feature could be: crowd-sourced parking. As a user I would definitely pay money to know where the closest publicly available parking spot it. Waze could set up a whole economy of parking spots: when you leave a spot you "check out" with Waze. If you're looking for a parking spot you hit the P button and Waze directs you to the nearest one. Users could accumulate parking credits when they check out and another Waze user takes their place.

I hope somebody there reads this.
Anywayz, Gigantt ♥ Waze.

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Dan said...

what about real-time parking spot bidding / reservation (like AWS EC2) ?

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