Saturday, October 8, 2011

Team Edition

Today, after way too many weeks of testing and improvements, Gigantt's Team Edition is live. You can finally assign tasks to people (or other resources) and enjoy Gigantt's smart goal-based task scheduling.

Here's what the new version looks like: 

A few new things to notice. All of these tasks are assigned to Cosmo Kramer, as evident by the watermark on the bottom-left corner. It tells us that Kramer is in charge of this part of the plan, and that any new task created here will be assigned to him by default.

If we decide to add another task here and assign it to George Costanza, we'll see his name on the left of the task:

All the other tasks belong to Kramer - the default owner of tasks in this area - so there's no point in showing his name beside each and every task. That's why only George's name is shown.

To reassign a task just click on the left side-panel and you'll see this popup where you can select any team member:

You can also reach it with the keyboard - Tab will reach the button and Enter will open the panel.

The start & finish dates of each task is shown in the time-bar above:

There's now a wider range of estimates that you can choose for each task, including even a one-minute estimate (useful for check-lists). The estimate panel has an array of buttons so that estimating a task is just one click for ultra-fastness:

Important note: as part of the beta-ness of this version there's still no UI to add/remove members from your team. That's in the next version. No worries, though, just write to and we'll do it for you.

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