Thursday, December 30, 2010

Feature-Complete & Bug-Replete

For those wondering when the Beta version is going to be released, I'm happy to announce it is, of today, feature complete. It's also filled to the gills with bugs, so I'm not releasing it just yet.

In way of showing off some of the new features in the beta, here's a high-level snapshot of my Gigantt work-plan.

Keen observes can see that there are three types of views, and the one activated in the image above is the "resource view". It shows how the plan looks when projected onto the calendar.

Another nice feature is the green progress bar that indicates how much of a complex task is already completed. Here's a zoomed in version:

about 80% done

This gives you a quick visual indication of how far along your project is and you can zoom in to see which tasks are yet to be done.

Here's how the new search window looks:

You can filter out done items and see a clear separation between an item and its location in the plan.

I also implemented auto-save today, which means you don't have to obsessively click Ctrl+S every minute. So that's nice.

Bottom line, it looks like I've got about two weeks of debugging before I can release this version. It shall be called "beta 1" and it's still invitation-only. There are probably going to be one or two more beta versions after it before the public version is launched.

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